Inside Ricardo Burgos

Sidelined as many different characters on heels in the musical Dzi Croquettes or the Southern Sheriff in Chris Ernst and Bill Darmon’s The Hill and The Hole, actor Ricardo Burgos seems to have no limitations.

Ricardo Burgos came from Brazil to New York two years ago and being a foreigner was never an excuse to make things happen for himself. In New York, he trained with Andrea Dantas, which he claims “changed my whole understanding of what being an artist really means”. He got his first manager by simply coming up to his door and introducing himself. He started his production company Hit the Lens, producing at least one film a year.

Now the actor is working on his new feature film, alongside his partner Marc Lombardo. He says "it is a very important story that needs to be told", based on their experiences as men on the delicate subject of sexual harassment. In the meantime he is also producing two other short films, My Wife is one of them, written by Daniel Blanda, which is on post-production and scheduled to come up later this year. Ricardo Burgos doesn’t make any excuses to pursue his dreams – and his relentlessness is all the better for it.

You can learn more about his work here.

Claudio Belizario